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Old 01-07-2009, 07:52 AM
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Kiteboarding Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Tampa Bay is offline
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He IS the one being responsible and talking about it with the rest of us, because he really wants to make a positive difference.
Kevin wants to talk safety, access, and highlight the positive aspects of the kiting comunity. He's not trying to make a buck or posturing to be #1, his love of the sport is no different than anyone reading this.

We don't get bans because a news crew caught a kitemare, we get bans by sweeping shit under the rug year after year.

Has Kevin's accident caused a ban?
Has the inaction by everyone in this business and the "2 cool for rules" mentality by the rest of us caused a ban?
Yep, every one of them....

Its kinda funny seeing some of these posts, when these voices were nowhere to be found in the WBF and elsewhere, when it came to discussing the real issues that cause bans.

What happened to supporting certified instruction, creating launch site guidelines, and improving retailer responsibility?
Suddenly, every unemployed kiter is qualified to teach kiteboarding?
Oops, my "shop" has a flat tire- gotta run!....
get my point?

Nice rant Pray for Wind, I hear ya! (I bet I could top ya though!)

Rock on Kevin K., glad you're back on the water!
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Old 01-07-2009, 10:08 AM
The Kite House The Kite House is offline
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i so disagree with you.....cant even explain, but i repect others opions and all i ask is respect mine.

I have had 2 off the side conversaions with our city here , when they asked if i think it will happen here and they really dont want this kind of stuff giving them a problem. Others are hearing this stuff as well, was questioned about it in ecuador after it happened when i was there by there tourist council who is looking at prometing the sport. Trust me, news spins what they want, "i dont want to represent the sport" but i dont think kevin should either as stories have changed and they are looking for drama.

Steve, if it makes a problem at your beach because it gives them a leg to stand on, i will wait to see your email.

Egos aside, this is more about the sport, not about kevin.....he is just a pawn being used to get a good drama story and keep replaying it for the public to see, and no matter what you saw he screwed up.

enough energy on this for me, windy and other things in life that need to come first. I hope it all works out.

Watch who you elect to represent you....i see no certs, or organizations making coments on this, only a kiter who made a mistake.....why dont they interview iko or pasa or you steve?

No good drama news in it!
Aloha Paul Menta
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Old 01-07-2009, 12:07 PM
Kiteboarding Tampa Bay's Avatar
Kiteboarding Tampa Bay Kiteboarding Tampa Bay is offline
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: St. Pete, Tampa Bay Area
Posts: 276

I was pissed off too when it happened and ragged on Kevin harder than anyone, he knows that.
I also spoke with Kevin(several times), told him how I felt about it, and listened to him, his love for the sport, and his desire to promote safety and prevent future accidents. (Have others posting negative opinions here done that?)

I realized after speaking to him, that I had been a dick, and he is not a bit different than any other kiter I ride with everyday. He loves kiting just like we do, and was out that day along with hundreds of other kiters all across Florida, doing what he loves.
He just happened to get caught on tape by a news crew.
If his video is ammunition that highlights how dangerous this sport is, what do you call Rick's reports and hundreds of kitemares on Youtube?
It's the same type of ammo, they just don't hit the AP newswire.

I wasn't single-ing you out Paul, I was making a point that bans are not Kevin's fault.
Its the inaction by all of us.
(BTW, no egos here either, just the facts.)

Regarding your last comments, I have no desire to be interviewed or have the spotlight- never have and never will. I prefer staying down in the trenches and leave the PR stuff to someone less opinionated than myself.
most others would agree that is best.

I don't see IKO or PASA doing much of anything regarding accidents or bans. Its not their role. They provide training for certified instructors,provide insurance,and encourage learning through proper channels, something we should all be supporting.
If you're referring to ASF/K4L- yes, we support Kevin, his right to kite, and his freedom of speech.
Like all kiters, he is a friend to us.

I didn't quite get the "watch out who you elect to represent you" thing.
I represent myself and my views, and not here to win any popularity contest.
I think that's always been fairly obvious in my posts.

Fair winds to all of you
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Old 01-07-2009, 03:54 PM
PrayFaWind27 PrayFaWind27 is offline
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Default still pissed

Originally Posted by The Kite House View Post
Prayforwind i think you need to pray for more kitting and less stress, what a rage...interesting
:-) been praying for some wind and waves, but nothing yet. This post just brought out the evil in me. The dude is already hurt physically and emotionally and all you guys just making him feel even worse,with all the," you're making the sport look bad!" and other verbal bulll.Who lives along the Florida and Tampa Coast that doesn't go out when a storm is near, the summer brings 3 sometimes 4 week wind drought then all of the sudden there's a storm moving and then you see 20 plus knots and 10-15 plus foot swells forecasted after your feet being dry for so long who wouldn't take that risk,who?
Kiteboarding Tampa bay said it right the dude is no different from anyone of us. All kite boarders are guilty one way or the other when it comes to the lack of safety while riding It doesn't take a storm for shit to go bad with kiteboarding so why bash the guy. Another poster said no body is attacking Kevin how in the hell you could read some of these post and not take them as an attack. Instead of bashing the guy we suppose to be showing him our support because ANYONE!! of us could go out make a mistake a freak accident happens and get hurt. The old folks here had a saying while i was growing up, "if you don't have anything positive to say, shout the **** up!"
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Old 01-08-2009, 09:52 AM
BizGuru BizGuru is offline
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Here are my thoughts,

If they are gonna do the story everything before your interview is gonna make the sport look super dangerous. I do appreciate that you are trying to make the best of accident and use it to promote safety. However, I think the interview should be done by someone else who they can not put on the spot about the accident itself. I would suggest finding if someone else can take the interview about the sport and safety (Maybe if Rick would be willing to do it?). If not Rick I than someone with similar credentials.

I think if you could talk them into interviewing the right person it would be better than no interview. That way it can be Bad and Good publicity instead of just Bad publicity.

As far as the raging, everyone relax I think what has needed to be said has been said and Kevin understands his mistakes, however at one pointed it needed to be said which it has, so lets look forward.

Let's enjoy the season and keep the accident in the back of are minds next hurricane season so no one makes the same mistakes.
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Old 01-09-2009, 08:51 AM
OttoNP OttoNP is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 56

You guys are too hard on him, he said he was not thinking right on the first interview. I've seen it a number of times and he looks pretty out of it. I'm sure now that he is better he'll be fine. I think it would be better to have words coming from him taking back his previous statements.

I just hope he says something about how those conditions were unsafe and no one should kite in them.

Kiting is a safe sport if you are properly trained and kite in proper conditions. These are conditions where the wind is consistant.
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Old 01-09-2009, 04:36 PM
Whitey Whitey is offline
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Kevin, Follow your own gut instinct. I quote you "Sure I can probably do an interview. The program name "rampage" is a hesitation. "

That is an acurate first gut feeling, listen to your self.

Don't give them any fuel to add our sport to a crash and burn show.

With out any additional input from you all they have is old news reels that folks have already seen and can watch on you tube. No ratings in that. As soon as you say hello they are off to the races in the edit room to twist up something that makes a rating. The good stuff you may say won't make it on the Rampage show

Use the "hesitation" to stop and walk away from this thing. Go ride with your buddies and have a blast. Enjoy the wind.
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Old 01-12-2009, 09:44 AM
marleykiter marleykiter is offline
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Whitey I totally hear you about the edit room so here is discovery channel's response to the hesitation I presented.
Since the whole thing has been totally publicized from the start there are a lot of variables. As I mentioned they would be showing my clip in the show without my interview. And would have people discussing the storm and the sport.
Im currently viewing the potential interview to be a calming, knowledgeable, final public discussion of my situation; and Discovery channel is a decent place for that.
My goal would be a finally to fay to get back to riding with buddies. Hopefully I get to ride before doing a possible interview to remind myself of some things


Thanks for writing back. The name Rampage blankets a series of 8 episodes highlighting amazing footage caught on tape scheduled to air on The Discovery Channel. Your segment would fall within a weather oriented show complimented by expert interviews. This is NOT a „Money Shots Only!‰ show. Ultimately, the emphasis within your segment would be Tropical Storm Faye and what is was capable of doing, NOT what you may have done to yourself.
The rest of the episode would consist of amazing weather related incidents such as tornados, hurricanes, and typhoons caught on tape produced with other first-hand accounts and expert interviews. In fact, we‚ve alrea dy interviewed a NOAA meteorologist that gave us an education on Tropical Storm Faye that would compliment your potential interview nicely.
At Discovery, we strive to educate our audience and we couldn‚t do that without explaining the entire story. We need to know ultimately why you kite surf, how it works, how safe it is normally, how your experience enhanced during abnormal weather, what went wrong this time, how are you still alive, what keeps you going back out, what advice you have for other kite surfers, etc.?
Again Kevin, Discovery is about knowledge and education. We are not interested in sensationalizing your accident, we want to learn from it. Feel free to call me or reply when you get a chance. I look forward to speaking with you and hope we can arrange an interview. Thanks again.
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Old 01-16-2009, 01:36 PM
ARCSrule ARCSrule is offline
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Go kevin! you have my support. i'm well versed in the discovery channel and can only believe they have the best intentions. Sensationism is not what Discovery is all about. I personally thought you were pretty stupid to go out in that crap, but then I did too a few years back --with a PASA instructor and another old fart who has been a waterman all his life. I came in terrified from that session, but much luckier than you without incident. i thought your interview sucked. yea it did. but you have a chance to make a difference on this one and i'm sure that you will. That was not you that jumped into the building was it? haha
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