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Old 06-26-2014, 05:33 PM
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Default 2015 Water Gear, Wind & Great Times In An Island Paradise - Part II

Part II of the 2015 Pryde Group Americas Product Presentation - Bootleggers Bash, Old Bahama Bay, West End, Grand Bahama Island

The John Canoe crew rips loose through the party.

Pete gives 2015 product presentation for Cabrinha.

Be sure to checkout all the installments on this marvelous event:

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Damo thrills the crowd with his "launch a kiter up in the air until he has to take a leak planing gadget." He tells me a Croatian plumber came up with the innovation after he decided it didn't work on removing hair clogs.

A local lady tries out standup and likes it!

Todd and Paula bear out the old island adage, "I could have had a Bush Crack" and do.

Even Pete hefts a keg and checks out Chef's Distilled rum

Bryan Schneider rigged out with eye patch and nose ring prepares to repel borders or more likely, take another tug at his drink.

I found an article on Bahamian booze smuggling from 1921, CLICK the above photo to be taken to the article.

This really was a special event and in many ways. Damo rides along with Simon on a shredding session ala SUP. Way to go guys and looking good Simon, enjoy!

Heading into the inlet for a look around

Pete and up and up and coming shredder James have a ukulele jam session.

Capoeira and rum should see you over the limbo pole, uh SUP paddle.

Tom and Paula go to sea, no hams visible, shhh.

Counterweights, fair dinking

Dawn on a great new windy day with near gear to learn about and try in fine conditions.

The guys compare golf strokes on the beach.

Kent's closing comments on the last night of the meeting.

Kent, rigged out pirate style prepares to launch into his patent Cossack, knee destroying dance made famous on South Bimini at Mackey's Bar.

Blowing a conch shell during Junkanoo

The famous Sands Beer "sculling man." Sculling or the process of propelling a boat with a single oar is a fading art. Fortunately, Sands has been sponsoring sculling races throughout the family islands to bring this core skill back. I can recall seeing small boats ripping all over the place in the 1970's using sculling, now outboards dominate.

Bush Crack, Todd says don't leave home without hit!

Loading up in Nassau for the run to the states.

Checking out a salt pond among hurricane fall in the interior of Wood Cay about three miles north of Old Bahama Bay.

Chris poses with his el supremo party prop, say who emptied the keg anyway?

Paula and Conchy at ease by the sea and looking good!

A kite view of the shoals east of Indian Cay complete with hurricane tree fall.

Hams of six bottles are stowed away for the crossing.

The traditional group shot for the meeting captured via kite cam.

The Jack Tar, Bahamian Hotel. I once ghosted in here in 1976 out of fuel, under sail with my father and one of his friends on a 23 ft. sailboat from West Palm. We about missed the Bahamian Plateau not carrying enough canvas to make good against the Gulfstream. I was very happy to make it in, nine hours late and no where near Freeport but to safe harbor.

A state of Rumbustiousness in the house. Some think the word "rum" was derived from "rumbustious?"

The light on Indian Rocks, the second island to the north of Old Bahama Bay

A vision of a Bahamian smack boat out of West End bound for Nassau

Chris Moore wins the much coveted "ballistic partier of mammoth proportions" award for the event!

Bryan, Todd and Tom

Group shot at sea level

Right after had the folks dive into the pool and paddle around. Damo captured this excellent aerial of the accent with his handy quadcopter.

A closer look

Looking south over the marina entrance to Old Bahama Bay.

Following the Junkanoo group out

I walked around the interior of Wood Cay, the third island to the north of Old Bahama Bay. Lots of hurricane damage in a rustic scene there.

and so another epic dealer meeting eases into the past ...


As people came by different means, they left in the same manner. Here the crew of the Sleepwalker lays to for some quality time at Issacs Light in Northwest Providence Channel on the way home. Hey guys, you known the lighthouse is haunted by a few spooks including a gone-postal lighthouse keeper and some unhappy shipwreck victims. So, keep your rum and Hawaiian slings handy? Well, the rum sounds like a good idea anyway, if you don't like the phantasm, have another swig.

I can't decide if he is trying to give the turtle his camera back or collect a TS specimen from the poor guy? (TS = turtle scat)

I opted to drive across Grand Bahama Island the last day to checkout some caves. Here is Ben's Cave in the National Park complete with a bunch of bats. The diving is real intriguing there.

It is a nice place to dive, stalagmites, submerged caves and more adventure to be had.

"We were here ..." Yes, we were! Good times were had, history made and a great new year of water time queued up with some superb gear. Many thanks to all who came and made this marvelous event what it was.

Good winds and water time to all!

(Be sure to checkout Part I of this article at:

NB - Kent suggested I help myself to images on his Facebook page for which I am indebted having missed out on some of the more excellent party sequences. My thanks go out to those photographers who posted that content on Kent's page.

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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