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Old 08-18-2014, 10:57 AM
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Default 2015 Cabrinha Gear From The Bahamas - Contra, Chaos & Velocity Kites - III

New meets old as the 2015 Contra flies over Santini's 1779 vision of Les Isles Lucayes.

Continuing our look at the excellent Cabrinha kites for 2015 presented at the Pryde Group Americas Dealer Meeting
at Old Bahama Bay on Grand Bahama Island. Be sure to checkout all the installments on this marvelous event:

2015 Water Gear, Wind & Great Times In An Island Paradise - Part I

2015 Water Gear, Wind & Great Times In An Island Paradise - Part II

2015 Cabrinha Gear From The Bahamas - Overview, Radar, Switchblade, Drifter - I & II

2015 Cabrinha Gear From The Bahamas - Contra, Chaos & Velocity Kites - III

2015 Cabrinha Gear From The Bahamas - Kiteboards - IV

Another glorious dawn in the island, wonder what new wind-blown adventures the day will bring?

Let's have a look at the light wind machine from Cabrinha, the Contra for 2015. A lightweight kite, focused on light wind planning,
bottom end power, easy steering and performance without necessarily being focused on the racing market.

An overhead shot in really light wind for the group photo. Best kite for the job, a Contra 17 m. Look at all that great gear down there
from Pryde Group Americas including Cabrinha, NP, Imagine, JP-Australia and NeilPryde.

So, you've light wind but you still want to head out, well here's your kite.

Here's an ultimate light wind kite and twin tip board setup. A 17 m Contra paired with a Stylus twin tip. More about Cabrinha boards
for 2015 in the next installment.

Throwing up a 13 m Contra in pretty light winds. I rode about ten seven miles with this kite roundtrip around three islands to the
north of west end. Glad the kite had great lower end characteristics to see me back to the start.

Annabel shredding fast in gnat sneeze breeze off Maui with the Contra.

Running around Old Bahama Bay in very light wind at good speed.

A general overview of the 2015 Contra and designer notes

Imagine SUP boards is another PGA brand and represented by Dave Kalama

Damo, Enrique and Jan compare kiting techniques. A lot of that sort of thing grows out of these dealer meetings.

A West End, Grand Bahama Painting by Phil Brinkman in 1992

p.s. - a special treat thanks to Damo LeRoy, Tom Dunfee, Bryan Schneider and Tyson Poor at West End. What happens when you mix a 10 ft. half ton tiger shark with an injured 400 pound loggerhead turtle in deep blue water? Damo captured some of what went on with his trusty GoPro. Video of the action to be provided in the next installment dealing with 2015 kite boards.

Moving on to the 2015 Chaos, the C-shape kite of the Cabrinha line. Despite
having a C-kite like shape, it delivers line slack by flying forward for wake style tricks. The goal was to deliver C-kite like properties
without sacrificing depowering or wind range. As there is little sweep in the wing of the kite, it twists in a progressive, linear fashion
unlike say the Velocity BOW kite. This allows the kite to fly powered with lift through turns as opposed to pivoting with more swept back kites.

An overview of the 2015 Chaos kite followed by designer notes.

A nice shot of Jan boosting with the Chaos captured by 305kitesurfing.

Pete, Patrick, Paula and Conchy at the beach.

Damo is pulled aloft by this interesting anchoring aid to allow really long jumps.

We all like to catch some air, baby girl gets some of her own courtesy of mom!

A look at Cabrinhas highly efficient free riding and racing kite for the Velocity for 2015. It provides the most power per area of any of the Cabrinha
kites this year. This is the only true BOW kite made by Cabrinha for this year. It replaces the Crossbow kite. It is called a race kite but it
has amazing performance qualities for free riding as well. It goes upwind like crazy, boost very well with nice hang time. It has been
produced in smaller sizes for foil racers this year. It is IKA registered for acceptance for racing.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance try out the 2015 Velocity in the Bahamas. If it is anything like last year's model, it is a
very capable kite with some excellent properties. I was impressed with the ability to ride close to the wind at speed, huge depower range,
nice long lofty jumps, light weight and I don't even race. In short it provides some excellent assets for free riding.

An overview of the 2015 Velocity followed by designer notes.

Kent provides closing comments on the last night of the dealer meeting.

The Star Hotel, West End, Grand Bahama. Watercolor painting by Phil Brinkman in 1962.

More to come on the Cabrinha kiteboarding gear for 2015 ...

FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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