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Old 08-30-2012, 12:01 PM
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Default Heineken vs Lake:Cabrinha Race Series

Heineken vs Lake: Cabrinha Race Series

The tenth night of the 2012 Cabrinha Race Series saw thirty three riders competing in winds that ranged from averaging 15 on the inside at Anita (8-21) and 23 on the outside at TI (15-28). Also saw the fog roll in quickly during the third race and again saw a contingent of international riders led by Victor Adamo from Brazil…using the races to hone their skills.

I seem to have lost my notes so I’ll attempt to recap by memory; hope this isn’t more boring than usual ☺.

Basically the night belonged to a battle between Johnny Heineken and Bryan Lake. Johnny is the current World and North American Champ and leading in the IKA World points Championship. Bryan was third in the World’s, second in the North American’s and tied for first in the Slalom Word’s, is the PKRA World Tour Champ and is second on the IKA World point Championship.

In the first race Bryan got a great port start and led the entire race. He led at the windward mark by 19 seconds and slowly built his lead to 26 seconds at the finish. Bryan and Johnny were followed by Pasquali 52 seconds behind, then Wasson who finished in the closest race I’ve seen over Victor Adamo and then Headington.

The second race saw Johnny nail the port start and led by about 8 seconds at the windward mark and finished with about a 30 second lead over Bryan who missed at least two tacks, then there was a very large gap and Victor finished 15 seconds over Chip, then Due and Headington.

The wind all night was shifting at least 30 degrees at the St. Francis; racers said afterwards it was swirling out on the water. Well, it shifted right at the start of the third race; Johnny and Bryan with several others again attempted a port start, but with the wind shift, their attempt was foiled and they needed to yield to most of the starboard fleet…but then got clean air and arrived at the windward mark together.

By this time the fog had moved in and I was unable to see the windward mark. The two of them were basically even at the committee boat headed to the leeward gate with the next set of four riders about 45 seconds behind. They again disappeared into the fog at the lee gate, but emerged again even. They raced together on the windward leg towards the finish...looked like Johnny was slightly ahead with Bryan windward. Bryan tacked to cover Johnny and missed his tack. Johnny took advantage and finished 10 seconds ahead of Bryan with Chip more than a minute behind followed by Pasquali, and Headington.

Immediately after the leaders finished, the fog was so thick that many of the racers didn’t even see the big tanker that emerged from the fog outside the start/finish line.

Overall for the evening, it was Johnny on top with 4 pts (2,1,1), Bryan with 5 (1,2,2), Wasson with 11 (4,3,3), Headington with 17 (6,6,5) Pasquali with 18 (3,11,4), Due with 21 (9,5,7) and Seth Besse with 24 (8,8,8)

Note: Victor Adamo captured a fifth in the first race and a third in the second…and swam in for the third…don’t know if he had equipment issues or what, but he looked very competitive
Joey Pasquali was extremely strong in the recent North American Championships and again showed that kind of performance; except for that 11 in the second race.
Seth Besse continues to be more competitive and consistent each week
There was close racing all over the course, all night, not just at the top of the fleet, but throughout

Going into the last two night of racing, it appears that first place has been settled, but there is still a battle for second, and probably 6 riders with a shot at third place; still some racing to be done to settle the top ten as well. Anything can happen, so riders, check your equipment (lines, footstraps, etc., race hard but stay out of trouble.

The Cabrinha Race series is sponsored by Cabrinha, Ozone Travel, Captain Kirk’s, and hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club.
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Old 08-30-2012, 02:54 PM
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Thanks for the excellent reporting Steve! Kiting racing in fog, who knew it was even possible, in my parts anyway. Well done to all the competitors!
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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