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Old 10-28-2013, 06:39 PM
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Default Where to teach a friend

Hey all,
I'm an IKO level 3 kitesurfer and I'm trying to teach a friend the basics of kitesurfing. I know I can't do that at Matheson Hammock. Can I teach at Miami beach(21-29/87 street) or crandon?
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Old 10-29-2013, 12:43 PM
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Access threats have been underway on Miami Beach for in excess of ten years and are still present today. For that reason alone, no I don't recommend any instruction on Miami Beach. Responsible hands-on kiting instruction particularly in overcrowded Miami is conducted well away from land these days. No instruction should be conducted on or near the beach involving flying full sized kites particularly on crowded beaches. Being a Level 3 IKO kiter doesn't qualify a person as an instructor just as some instructor certification course can fall short. Being a good friend you may want to think this over more carefully. There is a lot to proper instruction, some of which appears below.

Ask yourself if you are well able to fully instruct your friend in all the following areas:

Knowledge Development

1. How kites, boards and gear work.
2. Insight into the wind, wind window and influences on kite performance and power.
3. What to look for in good launch, riding and landing areas vs. poor areas.
4. What is a safety buffer (DISTANCE), and the critical importance of
maintaining one.
5. Wind, weather & water environment planning and monitoring. What causes unstable weather/wind and associated hazards, how to predict it and what to watch out for. What are suitable conditions and variables for riding, what
conditions should you avoid and what to look for.
6. Minimum kiteboarder physical capabilities such as swimming, fitness, warm up and warm down procedures.
7. Kiting rules of the road, kiting responsibility & protecting access to kite.
8. Gear selection (kite, line, board, wetsuit/drysuit, etc.), for predicted
conditions and kiteboarding safety gear (helmets, impact vests, gloves, knives, signalling devices, etc.).
9. Standard voice and hand signals e.g. launch, landing, rescue, etc..
10. Kiteboarding hazards (lofting, dragging, etc., emergency scenarios, avoidance and management.
11. What skills to work on following the initial training, tips for achieving them and precautions.

Skill Development

1. Gear setup & putting it away, preflighting, basic preventative maintenance.
2. Launching and landing unhooked and launch angle selection for conditions.
3. Capable stable kite flight under a variety of conditions both unhooked and hooked in.
4. Ability to vary and maintain constant kite power through kite positioning and sinusoiding.
5. Kite safety (emergency depower), activation in repeated simulated emergencies and rearming including an overview of current safety systems.
6. Harness and trim strap use.
7. Solo and assisted kite launching and landing.
8. Body dragging upwind with and without a board from point to point.
9. Self rescue techniques including using the kite as a sail to return to shore and securing the kite and lines and swimming into shore.
10. Ability to relaunch kite from water.
11. Beach starting and rudiments of water starting on a board.
12. Tips on how to ride upwind.

More about how to get into kiting in a sustainable way at:

Originally Posted by dantheman View Post
Hey all,
I'm an IKO level 3 kitesurfer and I'm trying to teach a friend the basics of kitesurfing. I know I can't do that at Matheson Hammock. Can I teach at Miami beach(21-29/87 street) or crandon?
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