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Old 11-05-2004, 08:17 AM
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Default Surf Expo 2004 - Prolimit, Rrd/cabal, Sbc Kiteboard

Back to Surf Expo ... One More Time!

Let's follow the crowd into the Orange County Convention Center

Warming up for the days show.

The models are warming up too. This one almost seems to be on fire.

Turning towards kiteboarding, ProLimit is first on the list today ...

Checking out the ProLimit both with Peter Arpag and Matt Rutledge of ProLimit/North Sports, Inc.

Felix ripping loose togged out in ProLimit gear and having a blast. Water photos courtesy of ProLimit.

One of the ProLimit full wetsuits, the C-1 designed specifically for kiteboarding. It has ultra-stretch neoprene,
shorter water-block zippers and tailoring to facilitate full range of motion. It is available in 4/3 and 5/3 mm thicknesses.

Matt showing off the ductility and sealing of the wetsuits. (Actually Matt was taking a hit of helium and rendering
a credible Donald Duck!) Did I say ductility, Matt stretches one of the legs two to three times its length!

The selection of harnesses.

ProLimit harnesses are heavily reinforced, padded and some even come with a removable lumbar pad for extra support.
All the 2005 Kite harnesses will come with handlepass leash attachment points, the D-Ring behind the buckle shown
above on the Kitewaist Pro harness.

ProLimits unusual locking system for the spreader bar improving ease of use. This locking system allows one time
adjustment of spreader bar placement.

The unique strap attachment configuration. This system limits
movement and rotation of the bar even under kite load.

ProLimit makes a variety of seat and waist harnesses including two seat harnesses. The harness on the left is the
Kiteseat Pro and on the right, the Highback Seat harness with a higher hook placement. They have included
neoprene panels on the leg loops to reduce chaffing that is common in kiteboarding. The harness seat is also
lined with neoprene to increase the flex of the harness. The reduced friction of neoprene seat makes the
seat harness feel almost as free as a waist harness.

The Global Combo bag and comes in 120,130,140,150,165 cm lengths and has a padded board compartment
and a compartment on top for kites. The stowable shoulder straps make it easy to get around. At a suggesed
retail of $99. USD it provides an attractively priced option for kiteboarders.


Let's go see the elephants ...

Hitting the beach at Surf Expo.

Cruising down the runway.


Let's walk over to RRD/Cabal's booth and see what is new ...

The RRD/Cabal booth. The Type 6 (shown hanging), is described as easy to handle kite that incorporates
power (that can be varied using one zipper), ease of handling and maneuverability and great depowerability
characteristics. It has been reinforced with dacron panels in several areas. It comes in sizes: 5 - 7 -10 - 12 - 15 - 18 m

Slashing through waves on a Cabal skimboard. Water images courtesty of Cabal/RRD.

The Type Wave kite.

David Tyburski checks out the inverse side of things.

Luco shows off the fifth line rigging on the Type Wave kite. The system is setup to activate the 5th line when you
sheet out, that is while you are riding. The amount of sheeting distance to activate the 5th line is adjustable
depending on rider experience and preference. I was told that a student could be put on a jet ski with the kite
flying and drive off at 15 mph+ without excess kite force when the 5th line is activated by sheeting out!
Normally, this would loft the student off the wetbike and into the water in seconds.

The Type 6 in flight.

RRD control bars with EMERGENCY depower.

The Martin Vari board

The Martin Vari signature series comes in 128 x 38 and 132 x 40

The XXX board line. The extremely simple square / rounded tips outline, flat to concave bottom shape, super
thin tip ends and highly reduced thickness, are designed to make the XXX hi-performance kiteboards.

The XXX series comes in sizes: 126x35,128x36,130x37,132x38, 134x40

The RRD BS Classic beginner/intermediate boards. The BS Boards have been designed with the following main
features in order to provide the rider with a generous amount of flex on the tips and middle of the board, 6 fins
configuration for great grip when over powered and a thin middle section for aid control and foot steering.

Sizes: 140 x 37, 150 x 37 and 160 x 39.

The Cabal SX51 skimboard. Skimboards offer some unusual riding properties. They can edge upwind
well in lighter winds and offer novel handling characteristics in waves. Interest in kiteboarding on skimboards
is starting to takeoff!



There is a great deal more about the Cabal skimboards at:


Jumping without footstraps!

Powered up wave riding, looks like fun!


wandering back over to the skate/motor park area ...

The head jumping contest has started at the ramps.

Models are hard at it.


Moving right along, let's stop by SBC Media's booth...

SBC Kiteboard Magazine

Rick Bruner and John Bryja from SBC Kiteboard magazine. SBC Kiteboard is offering a new look
in the magazine bringing in hot creative talent from their skateboard magazine to add a new perspective.

SBC puts out a lot of other magazines including:


Let's orbit by the fashion area ...

Stepping out down the runway.

One last look ...


Time to head on out of Surf Expo for another year ...

It's starting to look sort of "Biblical" out here, anyone seen Indiana Jones?

So Good Night from Surf Expo 2004. Have a great year with all these innovations on the water. It's been
fun writing up this year's products and happenings.

Regarding coverage of Surf Expo 2005, who knows, that is a whole year off. I hope to see you here again,
to checkout the great new products the industry is bringing to the sport of kiteboarding.

Until then good winds!

Copyright FKA, Inc. 2004
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi

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Old 03-27-2008, 12:58 AM
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Thats an interesting post Rick with some great photos.
especially liked your Indiana Jones one.....
I only have one complaint - where are the guys in bikini's??
Sorry - I know it is a little off topic but I don't get the connection of babes in bikinis to kite surfing....
(maybe I'm missing the point?)
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Old 03-27-2008, 02:48 PM
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There are a lot of posts just in the 2004 Surf Expo series, it is about a trade show. You should check it out, beachwear fashion is a huge part of the event. Lots of guys in my 2004 series though, Shannon getting dunked by a ball throwing 9 year old girl, Damien mugging with the KGB models, hell there's even LUCO in the post you pulled up. No guys in bikinis at this Expo. Now the one after or was it 2006, there were quite a few. Unfortunately, those shots are still in the can. Didn't get amped enough for the 60 hours it took in 04 to do the writeup again. Those in addition to a ridiculous quantity of great shots of women from years of Expos that will likely never see the Internet light of day. Political correctness in all its elusive forms.
FKA, Inc.

transcribed by:
Rick Iossi
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